About Us

ABOUT KERASOME Kerasome Hair Building Solution Kerasome is an invention that will revolutionize the way men and women who suffer from thinning hair feel about themselves. The beauty and elegance of Kerasome is in its effectiveness and simplicity. Kerasome is real human hair, color matched and processed through a patent-pending technique that sterilizes and grinds the hair into a powder. This powder is suspended in a styling lotion containing a light, heat activated adhesive. The solution is applied to the areas of thinning, as one would use hair gel, blown dry, and styled as desired (using styling lotions, pomades, etc). It does not come out due to rain, perspiration, or physical activity. One can add water back into the hair to restyle it at anytime without diminishing the product’s effectiveness. Only agitating the hair under water (e.g. shampooing) dislodges the product. If not washed out, it can be left in for days without flaking and more can be added at any time. Kerasome is real hair, so it has all the natural color variations, sheen and textural quality of one’s own hair. It even feels natural and thicker to the touch. The product will be available in seven different colors and can also be used to cover graying hair. This product stands alone and is far superior to any hair thickener on the market. Results are guaranteed! (See details at checkout). How Kerasome Works This is a microscopic image of a Kerasome hair adhering to your hair. With one easy application this process is multiplied thousands of times, giving your hair more volume and body.